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Russian Translation Matters

Human English Russian translation is what you need when you correspond with someone in Russia. Whether you do business in former Soviet Union or seek a wife in Russia you need a paid English Russian translation service because you have a chance to lose much more than you save on Russian translation services. Use a professional English to Russian translation service for such serious matters. Just enter your text below and hit HUMAN TRANSLATION button.

Important Note:

New Customers: Due to lack of time I am not longer taking new customers
Existing Customers: There can be delays with translations. Officially turnaround is 7 days though I will try to deliver faster
Russian Translation Agencies: Cooperation offers are welcome. Email at hitranslator {special sign}






Russian translation payment

Free online Russian translation can be used in exceptional cases when a human Russian translation is not available. The matter is that English and Russian languages are too different in sentence structure, word formation and many other aspects. However if you do need a free Russian translation click FREE TRANSLATION button and your text will be translated automatically.

Contributor & Resource Partner


  • Price for translation from English to Russian and back
  • Quality of English to Russian language translation
  • Speed of Russian English translation
  • Privacy of the Russian translation service

Free Russian translation

A machine Russian translation is absolutely free but quality is not very stable. You can read Russian news and articles and understand them without much trouble because they are written by professionals who always use correct spellings and perfect grammar. When you read letters, emails, instant messages from native Russian speakers things get more complicated. Careless typing, use of slang and non-standard words are all too common. A machine cannot ignore mistakes like humans do, it translates only the words that are included in the dictionaries.

Paid Russian translation

$0.02 per word for private and dating correspondence, $0.04 per word for business correspondence. I also translate other types of texts (brochures, manuals, websites), please request a quote if you need to translate a different type of document.

I studied English at the University for five years and deal with it virtually every day of my life. I do translations for a number of local companies and I am an active off-staff translator of local Chamber of Commerce.

Speed of translation
Due to time difference with US (Ukrainian time zone is 7 hours ahead from East Coast Time) translation can be done very quickly. Usually letters up to 500 words are processed within 24 hours.

Personalized Service
If you have any specific requirements I will do my best to meet and exceed your expectations.

Information from your documents or correspondence, including your personal details and contact information, will not be passed over to a third party or used by me.

Customer Satisfaction
If you are not happy with the translation you can say so and I will correct any errors you might find. Please read Refund Policy and Safe Shopping Guarantee to learn more.


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